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Electric Hair Cutting Machine Vintage T9 Clipper

The Electric Hair Cutting Machine Vintage T9 Clipper is the perfect addition to any professional barber's tool kit. This rechargeable, high-performance trimmer has everything you need to keep your clients looking their best. The clipper is designed with an innovative cutting system that delivers fast and accurate results, providing smooth and even cuts every time. It features adjustable taper technology for easy styling and gives you the flexibility to adjust the length of your cut with just a flick of a switch. Plus, the machine is equipped with a powerful motor that runs quietly - making it suitable for use in close proximity to customers. So whether you're creating classic fades or modern razor sharp lines, this electric hair clipper ensures top quality results each and every time!



Product Details:
Product: Rechargeable clipper
Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Charging Time: 2 hours
Use Time: 45min
Weight: About 100g

Package List:
1Pcs* hair trimmer, 
1Pcs* brush, 
4Pcs* limit comb(1.5MM 2MM 3MM 4MM) 
and 1Pcs*USB Charger

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