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iPhone Magnetic Wireless Charger Station Dock

Experience lightning-fast wireless charging and effortless organization with this iPhone Magnetic Wireless Charger Station Dock. This 20W station is designed for your iPhone 13, 12 Pro Max, Airpods Pro, and other devices utilizing MagSafe or Qi charging. With its innovative magnetic induction technology, you can achieve full charge within just two hours -- no cords required! The sleek design features a soft cushion base that securely holds your device while it charges. Plus, the slim profile has multiple pockets that provide convenient storage for daily essentials like wallets, keys, and cards. Experience the power of efficient organization today with this innovative Wireless Charger Station Dock!

With 20W US Plug
With 20W US Plug 1
With 20W EU Plug
With 20W EU Plug 3