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Automatic Water Bottle Pump Dispenser

The Automatic Water Bottle Pump Dispenser is the ultimate solution for serving fresh, filtered water to you and your family. This electric pump eliminates any manual effort usually involved in pouring water and provides an easy, mess-free experience at a touch of a button. It is designed with two buttons; one to keep pumping water, while the other allows you to select the exact amount of water you need. Equipped with an 1800 mAh USB rechargeable battery for quick charging, this device can be used both indoors and outdoors. It features a durable ABS plastic housing and 304 stainless steel water outlet for long-lasting use. Plus, its low noise pumping technology ensures minimal fuss! Along with this amazing product, you’ll also get a 120 cm/3.9 Feet food grade silicone soft hose, USB charger cable, and user manual—all bundled together in one package for your convenience. So why wait? Get your Automatic Water Bottle Pump Dispenser today!

 NOTE: Please place the water bottle lower than the dispenser (Keep the water pumping hose inserted in the direction of the water bottle from top to bottom.)