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Neck Fan

Looking for a way to keep cool this summer without cranking up the air conditioning? Look no further than the Neck Fan! This innovative fan uses twin-turbo technology to simulate natural wind, blowing away the hot air and keeping you cool and comfortable. The 360-degree full wind accelerates air circulation, cooling your head quickly and efficiently. Three wind speeds (breeze, cool breeze, and strong wind) let you customize the airflow to suit your needs, whether you're indoors or outdoors. And with a long-lasting 4000 mah battery, you can enjoy up to six hours of cooling on a single charge. Best of all, the Neck Fan operates quietly, so you can enjoy the soft natural wind without any disruptive noise!


Product Specifications:

Material: ABS plastic

Color: white

Battery capacity: 1800MAH

Power: 5W

Charging time: 2 hours (5V1A)

Charging head usage time: 6 hours (1 speed), about 3-4 hours (2 speed), about 2 hours (3 speed)

Type F White
Type F Green