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Professional Electric Men's Beard Hair Clipper

The "Professional Electric Men's Beard Hair Clipper" is a versatile and powerful grooming tool designed for precision and convenience. Here are the key features and specifications:


Design: This hair clipper is designed for professional and precise grooming, with a focus on hair and beard cutting.

Power: It operates at 5W, providing sufficient power for efficient trimming.

Battery: The clipper is powered by a 18650 Li-ion battery, and it comes with a USB battery charger, making it convenient for use in any location.

Charging Time: The battery can be fully charged in approximately 3 hours, ensuring you have enough power for your grooming needs.

Rated Voltage: The clipper operates within a voltage range of 3V to 5V.

Usage Time: A fully charged battery provides a usage time of approximately 3 hours, which is suitable for extended grooming sessions.

Charging Method: The clipper uses battery charging as its method of powering up.

Dual-Purpose Cutter Head: It features a dual-purpose cutter head with fine adjustment, allowing for zero-gap adjustment. This is essential for achieving precision cuts.

Tool Type: The clipper uses dense acute safety teeth, ensuring safe and effective cutting.


Package Contents:
Original box
1 Hair clipper with a built-in battery
1 Small brush for maintenance
1 USB battery charger (or built-in battery)
4 Matching Shaving Combs for various hair lengths


Due to lighting conditions, the product image's color may differ slightly from the actual product.
There may be a battery protection mechanism in place that needs to be removed before using the clipper.

This professional electric hair clipper appears to be a comprehensive and efficient grooming tool suitable for both hair and beard trimming. It provides the convenience of cordless use with a long usage time, making it a valuable addition to your grooming routine.